19 December 2014

Apologies to those of you who attempted to access Aire River Images in the past day or so.  Unfortunately, the site was hacked by exploiting a vulnerability in a “plugin” that wasn’t automatically updating as it should.  Hopefully, I’ve now plugged the hole.

8 December 2014

It’s been an eventful few weeks – in many unexpected ways – since our return from England and Scotland. Only six weeks, but it seems so long ago, as all great holidays do.  I brought back over 5000 images from the trip, so it’s taken a while to process them all.

They can be found in the Travel —> England and Travel —> Scotland galleries.  Please enjoy them – I certainly enjoyed the opportunity to take them.

17 June 2014

To my immense surprise, I have found that with the benefit of a few extra years experience in Photoshop and other post-processing software, that many of the images I’d previously considered just passable are in fact quite good.  Sometimes very good, to the extent that I’m a bit annoyed with myself for having overlooked them previously!

With that in mind, I’ve started reviewing all of the images from our 2010 journey through France and Italy. So far, I’m a third of the way through Italy. You can view all of the images, including the newly added ones, in this gallery.

I guess it shouldn’t have been a surprise.